The Common Reader

Listened to a wonderful discussion about today’s Common Reader on the BBC Radio 3 show “Nightwaves” and couldn’t resist doing my own survey in the local train station…

4 Responses to “The Common Reader

  • Mira Grant, IIRC. Pseudonym for Seanan McGuire.

  • I love your reviews, and the way you draw comics – it's just unfortunate that in this one, some of your comments about these people come off a bit rude and presumptuous. Don't we want to encourage fellow public readers? There are fewer and fewer all the time as it is…

  • Actually, you make a good point. It's meant to be, well, comic, but I see that from a different perspective, it's kind of …supercilious. I guess you either find the attitude funny or not. Will endeavor in the future to make only one person the butt of the jokes, me.

  • This is brilliant! I loved it.