Foundation by Isaac Asimov

It’s a tad unfair to criticize a work that was very much of it’s time, but isn’t S. F. supposed to be NOT of it’s time. As I reread this I wondered if it is Asimov, and his ubiquity, that gave S.F. it’s reputation for bad writing, that sadly still persists in the wide world today. For some reason Tor didn’t want this, so you have it, my friends, all to yourself.

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  • Morning John – inspired post! Thanks for entertaining me – and I suspect, lots of other readers. I am going to talk about you on my own blog today.

    Do hope that Sony actually see your post – as they have missed the boat several times recently (e-readers, e-notebooks, mobile phones)!

  • Female characters in the series:


    "Foundation and Empire"
    Bayta Darell

    "Second Foundation"
    Arkady Darell
    Lady Callia

  • That's just the primary three books. Beginning with Foundation's Edge, there are lots more.

  • Smyrno is named after Smyrna, a Greek city, and is essential to the parallelism with the Roman Empire.

  • It still sounds like a household disinfectant, but point taken!

  • Thanks, Susan.

  • For me, there was no inertia from Foundation to roll me on to the next books. Glad to read that later, amongst all those billions of people, there's a few stand-out women. It seems the names don't get any better, though.

  • Glad I'm not the only who didn't enjoy this book! (Though I enjoyed the Foundation's Edge/Foundation and Earth sequel much better than the original trilogy.)

  • There have been multiple attempts to bring this to the screen and I don't expect that this will make it any more than the previous ones. At best, we'll have "I, Robot" again where they slap Asimov's name and title and some character names on somebody else's story. Would that be better than Asimov's tale, however aged it might be?

    I don't think so.

    To see what *might* have been in an Asimov movie seek out Harlan Ellison's screenplay for "I, Robot". Seriously. So much better than what we got and shows how Asimov can be changed, to "update" without killing the spirit of the tale.

  • All too true. Oddly, we are in the middle of a supposed sci-fi film renaissance, with big budget sci-fi movies launching all summer, and yet how many of these will live up to something like "Moon". Someone should make Foundation on a SMALL budget. At least then ingenuity would have a chance to trump money.

  • I'm sure we'll have another "Moon" soon (maybe in June) (sorry). Or District 9. One trailer that had me interested was the one for "Gravity".

    Right now I'm working my way through KSR's "2312" (previously reviewed on these pages) and a re-read of "Reamde" (also reviewed previously on these pages). Movies in my brain.

  • I am so looking forward to "Gravity." Early viewings indicate that people found it slow and boring, which I take as good news. All the films I love are considered slow and boring by the general public, 2001 being the best example. Good luck with "2313." I admired it rather than enjoyed it. The smart-science savvy and wonder shone, but the characters and story were eclipsed in the process. For all it's futurism it seemed a rather grumpy book.

  • I probably should persevere, but nothing about Foundation makes me want to.