The Dog Stars by Peter Heller


4 Responses to “The Dog Stars by Peter Heller

  • Just found you. Lovely concept, mini-graphic novels about novels! I loved The Dog Stars, and it looks like you did too. You were mentioned on a booksite where I am a moderator, so you may get a few visits from over the pond, now.

  • I'll look forward to it. I'm from over the pong originally myself – John

  • These are wonderful, so clever. Great to discover your site. Found you via the same place as Susan by the way.

  • The Dog Stars by Peter Heller is the type of book that got under my skin. I was there. I even cried at one point and sometimes chuckled. I love books like this because you get it under your skin and live it. Subject matter is disturbing, no doubt. I wouldn't want to actually live it, but I loved that I felt I had and that is powerful, kudos to great writing, Peter Heller!
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