Home Fires by Gene Wolfe

A friend turned me on to Gene Wolfe about a year ago, with “The Book of the New Sun” series. With “Home Fires” he departs from the sword and sorcery genre, big time.

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  • Very cool, John. THANKS! And accurate. and gene-esque. Gene the Genre Jumper!

  • Fantastic comic! Absolutely reflects my own experiences reading Home Fires.

  • Very nice!

    In the description above the strip, I think you mean "The Book of the New Sun", not the "The Earth of the New Sun". "Urth of the New Sun" is the final book in the series.

  • Thanks, Ed. I'll change it.

  • I haven't read a Wolfe novel in a very long time, but you might just have convinced me to pick up this one.

  • Wonderful! I linked to this on my Gene Wolfe blog: http://silkandhornheresy.blogspot.com/.

    May I recommend you review an R. A. Lafferty book? (I write a blog about him too: http://antsofgodarequeerfish.blogspot.com/ – you might check it out to get an idea about him if you haven't heard of him.)

    Gene Wolfe and Neil Gaiman are both very big fans of Lafferty's fiction. You might try his novels Fourth Mansions or Past Master or Space Chantey – I can imagine you doing something wonderful with any of those.

    This is great stuff, keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds interesting. I have never come across him, which makes it all the more interesting…