Doctor Who

By special request, I’m taking a break from the written word. Conor, this one’s for you!

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  • You got tweeted by Neil Gaiman for your "American Gods" review. It's a great book. But I especially liked this review. And this blog is a great idea. Enjoy the blogpocalypse of his followers.

  • Ironically it's also his DW episode you seem to be criticizing here for pantomime acting. 😉

    It wasn't a typical event or a typical episode, so I can see it being too fairytale, arch or even OTT for some, but I definitely wouldn't recommend going back to the classic stuff if you thought it was outright bad! One of the greatest ever episodes in, for what it's worth, my opinion.

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  • The episode wasn't particularly friendly to newcomers, or at least there was a lot of depth and in-jokes I suppose that elevated it which might be missed. That said I watched it with some people not familiar at all with DW, and they enjoyed it quite a bit so I think it does walk a fine line very well.

    Anyway, I'm rambling; I love this review format, and I'm definitely interested in following along. 🙂

  • Actually, I think Matt Smith is a pretty good actor. His Microexpressions are pretty fantastic and he's actually very good at portraying emotion in a quiet way. But I agree with one of the other comments: if you think the acting is bad now, I don't suggest re-watching the older stuff.

  • to me the old doctor who had a charm that the new show is severely lacking.